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Recent technology innovation has been spectacular.

Especially in the information and telecommunication field, there has been a rapid change from analog to digital and opto-electronics technology has been its driving force for developing optical communication and information media in the 21st century.

Yuasa Electronics has supplied the latest technology implemented systems in order to support both R&D and manufacturing of optical device components such as laser diodes, optical pickup heads and optical communication components, the key devices in the opto-electronics industry.
We commit ourselves to continue challenging to innovation in order to develop high-quality, high-reliability and value-added systems.

Yuasa Electronics Co.,Ltd
Koji Yodo
C.E.O. and President

Corporate Profile

  • Company nameYuasa Electronics Co.,Ltd
  • C.E.O. and PresidentKoji Yodo
  • EstablishedEstablished in April 1993
  • Capital¥100 million
  • Annual business1.5 billion yen (2017 year)
  • Location1-1-33 Shukugawara Tama-Ku Kawasaki-City Kanagawa-Pref. 214-0021 Japan
  • TEL+81(44)930-5671
  • FAX+81(44)930-5672
  • Manufacturing and sales of
    ・Laser diodes test systems, manufacturing systems
    ・LEDs test systems, manufacturing systems
    ・Laser diodes Burn-in systems, long-term reliability test systems


  • 1985Founded Electronics System Department as Business Department of Semiconductors of
    Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd. and started selling Photo Capacitance Measurement System invented by
    Jun-ichi Nishizawa, Professor of Tohoku University.
    It became the parent body of our company.
  • 1986Started selling Laser diode Test System.
  • 1987Started selling Laser diode Aging System.
  • 1989Started selling Optical Pickup Inspection System for CDs.
  • 1990Started selling Laser diode Final Tester for mass production.
  • 1992Started exporting Laser diode Test System to Asian zone.
  • 1993Established Yuasa Electronics Corporation with 100% investment by Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd.
    Expanded our business to develop and produce Reliability Test system of Semiconductor.
  • 1994Started selling Laser diode Die Chip Tester for mass production.
  • 1996Started selling Laser diode Screening System.
  • 1998Started selling Optical Pickup Inspection System for DVDs.
  • 2000Started New Yuasa Electronics Corporation as a result of the merger of
    Electronics System Department and former Yuasa Electronics Corporation.
  • 2002Became independent from Yuasa Trading Co., Ltd. through a Management Buyout.
  • 2005Started selling Optical Pickup Evaluation System for Blu-ray.
  • 2006Moved our main office from Chuo-ku, Tokyo to Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki City (KANAGAWA SCIENCE
    PARK) to concentrate Engineering Development function for Laser diode Screening System,
    Production function and Trading Company function.
  • 2007Started selling PL(Photoluminescence) Mapping System.
  • 2008Started selling Laser diode Chip Visual Inspection System.
  • 2009Completed our own building and moved our main office from Takatsu-ku,
    Kawasaki City (KANAGAWA SCIENCE PARK) to Tama-ku, Kawasaki City.
  • 2010Started selling Nano-imprinting System.
  • 2011Started exporting Laser diode Test System to Europe.
  • 2012Started selling Phosphor Plate Mapping System.
  • 2013Started producing Laser diode Aging System manufactured by JEC.
  • 2014Started exporting Laser diode Test System to the United States.
  • 2015Started selling screening system for high power blue laser diode and high power red laser diode.
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