CSR and Environmental Initiative

Yuasa Electronics Corporation keeps the following in mind in our daily operations in order to contribute to the environmental society while working on development, manufacturing and sales of products focused on optical semiconductor technology.

  1. Make efforts for publicity/compliance with requirements regarding environmental laws, ordinances and regulations
  2. Make efforts for compliance with ethical laws regarding labor/safety/health
  3. Be prepared for risks to quickly reconstruct and continue business
  4. Make efforts to support reducing the environmental footprint by developing eco-friendly products (energy consumption, heat quantity, coolant water)
  5. Select products and construction methods with less environmental-load, continue improvements for protecting environmental pollutions
  6. Make efforts for environmental conservation (cleaning activities) inside our business places and surrounding places

This policy is familiarized with all employees.

August 2, 2015

Koji Yodo
CEO and President
Yuasa Electronics Co., Ltd.

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